All roommate requests must be completed two weeks prior to the start of camp. Roommate requests can be made on the online registration form. If two campers request one another and are both successfully registered for the same session of camp at the time roommate assignments are made, the request will be met.

If a roommate request is not made, a camper will be placed with another camper of the same age. For group rooming requests, please make a note in the comments section of the registration form and we will do our best to place the kids in close proximity. Be specific with name/age.

Please understand, Millon Lacrosse does not/cannot be expected to make on site (day of camp) changes to rooming lists. Any sort of changes will have external effects on other campers and their experiences. For example: Karen requested Jen but they got in an argument yesterday, can you switch them? We then have to switch other campers and it causes problems.

**As an FYI, we do not litigate or get in the middle any type of political issues that appear during roommate requests inside a group or town. It is up to the parents to make meaningful, collaborated decisions when making roommate requests. For example, child A chose child B for a roommate request, however, child B chose child C for a request because she didn’t really like child A, we cannot make changes on site and all roommate assignments will stand as first requested in camp registration.