What are the check-in and check-out times?

All of this information will be detailed in your final confirmation package that you receive a few weeks prior to camp, but typically, campers will CHECK-IN between 10-11am on the first day. Extended Day campers as well will check-in at that time on the first day. Daily CHECK-IN times for the Extended day campers for the remainder of the week will be at 8:30am at the Dormitory.

Daily CHECK-OUT times for the Extended Day campers will be at the dorm between 8:15-8:30pm. On the last day of camp, our final session will begin at 9:00am and run until 11:00/11:30am. Following that session – Coach Millon will give a CAMP WRAP-UP SPEECH and hand out CAMPER AWARDS. At 12pm Campers will finish their ROOM PACK UP and INSPECTION, return keys/cards and SIGN OUT.

Parents are invited and encouraged to watch the games on the last day of camp. Camp ends at approximately 11:30am and check-out for ALL CAMPERS will be from 12pm-12:30pm

What occurs the last day at camp?

The final session of camp will be structured as ALL GAMES. Campers will compete in a round robin or mini tournament schedule. This is a great time for parents to come out early and watch the girls display their new skills, techniques and newly acquired game knowledge they’ve learned throughout the week. The final session will begin at 9:00am.

Will Erin Millon be at the camp?

Absolutely! This is one of the best parts about camp. Erin brings her experience, wisdom and over 30 years of athletic commitment to women and girls in lacrosse directly to the field and will work with your daughter. Erin serves at the Director for the Long Island camp and will make a special appearance at the Virginia camp which will offer the campers and opportunity to hear her speak and coach specific skills and other important topics pertaining to the FEMALE ATHLETE.

What do campers do for snacks?

There will be a fully stocked camp store that includes all sorts of snacks, beverages. In addition, there is pizza delivery available at night following our night session for purchase. It is suggested that the girls come to camp with some of their own personal healthy snacks and water/drinks to keep in their room – Erin STRONGLY REQUESTS that parents please send healthy snacks! Not only is it what young, athletic children should be eating, but when players over indulge on sugar and candy and unhealthy treats, they often end up feeling TOO SICK to participate in the sessions and that is NOT what we want!

Will there be lacrosse apparel and equipment available?

Each year we look to work with a supplier to provide some awesome apparel and equipment for the campers to purchase. There will be a direct communication closer to the beginning of camp detailing some of the products we will offer in the camp store.

What do campers do after the night session?

Director Erin Millon will conduct an Evening Program each night based on her Being A Female Athlete Series. Campers will be educated on topics such as Fitness and Strength, Yoga Benefits for the Athlete, The Importance of Nutrition, Self Confidence and Leadership Guidance. Additionally, we have QUESTION and ANSWER sessions regarding the RULES, STICK MAINTENANCE, COLLEGE RECRUITING. Each year we also hold our very popular CAMPER TALENT SHOW where our campers are given the opportunity to showcase their other amazing talents!

How do I contact Millon Lacrosse during camp time?

During check in time, Millon Lacrosse will provide a contact sheet that is located on the tables of check in. This contact sheet will list several direct numbers to our camp administrators. Please keep an eye out for this! Also, PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THAT Erin is on field managing and coaching during every session, and may not be able to respond until much later.

What are the correct bed sheet sizes?

Dormitory bed sizes can vary between schools, so the recommendation is to bring a set of twin extra-long sheets.

How can I check and pay my camp tuition balance?

MILLON GIRLS LACROSSE CAMP utilizes PayPal to secure your initial DEPOSIT to hold your daughters spot at camp. A few weeks prior to camp, Director Erin Millon will send a final email confirmation with your BALANCE OWED as well as some final things to KNOW, BRING, and REMEMBER for camp. Your BALANCE is due AT CHECK-IN and it is requested to be in either the form of cash or check.

How are the dorm rooms situated?

The rooms are situated as typical dormitory style with each bedroom being either a single (one bed), double or triple. There are closets and/or dressers as well as desks. These rooms are then located within a suite featuring a common space and bathroom outside of the bedrooms. Please be sure to simply list the friends that your daughter would like to room with.

Can we come watch games?

Yes, you can! We play most of our games in the night session (after dinner) when it is a bit cooler outside. You are more than welcome to come watch your daughter play. We only ask that you be respectful and remember that the competition is last on the list. We want every camper to get better when they attend camp, and that begins with a stable learning environment. NOTE that we may also still be tweaking the SKILLS GROUP or NIGHT TEAMS early in the week. ALSO, we have a rhyme and reason for our groups. THIS IS AN INSTRUCTIONAL CAMP – not a CLUB or SCHOOL team competing in a tournament. Your daughters will be excited to have your there – let’s be sure to keep the atmosphere positive!

How can I find my daughter to watch her?

Our staff will be knowledgeable on exactly which teams are comprised of the specific age group. If one coach is unsure (as things change on the fly sometimes), another one will. Coach Millon, once available, will help to direct parents to the correct field. Again, keep in mind, if you cannot locate your child and you are 100% sure you’re at the right field, the camper most likely has been moved an age group relevant to their skill level and/or learning curve.

How is the roommate request honored?

We can guarantee roommate requests up to two weeks before camp. Within two weeks of camp, we will still do our best to match your child up with their requests or come up with a reasonable solution that will leave everyone ready to start camp! Please email [email protected] if you have questions regarding the roommate request procedure.