The curriculum is fresh and innovative and based on Erin’s PLAYER DEVELOPMENT MODEL of INDIVIDUAL SKILLS & TEAM ASPECT EXECUTION. Each camper will leave having gained a more solid foundation and understanding of multiple aspects of the game. Focusing on important individual skills and team concepts, we break things down and make the lesson and skill easy to grasp & execute.

We will focus on proper warm up, cool down and strength building. We also will have sessions with position specific training in addition to fundamentals for all. Playing a lot of short sided games will maximize the number of touches and speed of the game. Active coaching is key to all drills and games as it opens up the greater understanding of game sense and IQ.

I believe, from experience true champions are made in your own backyard and that’s only going to happen if you love the game. The skills and attitudes you learn at camp will provide you a foundation to continue to build on in the future and reach your potential. Whether you’re a midfielder, attack player, defender or goalie — beginner or the more advanced athlete, we are going to teach you the skills that will broaden your game and help you meet your potential.

Key attack skills:

Stick work, stick work and more stick work, shooting, dodging, working with other attackers

Key midfield skills:

Stick work, stick work, stick work, center circle play, transition tips, defensive footwork, shooting

Key defensive skills:

Stick work, stick work, stick work, defensive footwork, stick positioning, man to man defense, zone defense, marking the cutter, transition

Key goalkeeping skills:

Fundamentals, hand and eye coordination, footwork, warming up properly, clears, movement out of the cage

What is a typical day of the overnight or extended day camp like?

We have three sessions per day. Groups are initially based on age AGE so during our early sessions, the coaches are assessing players to see if changes need to be made to the skills groups or teams. There is a teaching aspect to each session – sometimes it’s focused on your INDIVIDUAL SKILLS (morning session) and other times it’s focused on a TEAM CONCEPT(afternoon session). We incorporate on field discussions in our series of Being A Female Athlete. Our evening sessions are all GAMES where we actively coach and officiate taking each teachable moment to help grow the campers understanding of the game.

We also have an Evening Program after our night session with topics ranging from Nutrition and Fitness to Rules of the Game, Leadership and Self Confidence. Each night we also order pizza and have a camp store open for snacks and drinks.

Long Island Sessions

7:30 Wake Up
8:00 Breakfast
9-11 Morning Lacrosse Session (warm-up, drills, stations, position work)
11-12 Individual Specialty Instruction, Down-time
12:00 Lunch
2-4 Afternoon Lacrosse Session (demonstrations, small group scrimmages, team play)
4-5 Individual Instruction, Contests, Camper/Counselor Challenge, Down-Time
5:00 Dinner
6:15-8:30 Evening Lacrosse Session (Team Games/Tournament Play)
8:00 Extended day campers pick up
9-10:30 Evening Activities (Movies, Pizza, Game Film, Basketball, Guest Speakers, Weight Room, College Talk)
10:45 Lights Out

Virginia Day Camp

9:00-9:10 Drop off and daily Orientation
what it takes to dominate this sport
9:15-11:30 Morning Lacrosse Session (warm-up, drills, stations, position work)
11:30-12:15 Lunch
12:15-1:45 Afternoon session
1:45-2:00 Wrap up and pickup