Why have we been so successful?

Millon Lacrosse has been teaching and developing players for over 25 years. We’ve been incredibly successful because we take what we do very seriously. Sure, we could just roll out the balls and have the kids just play – but that doesn’t really make the kids better at the skills, concepts and game play. We have always worked very hard at getting the right coaches who know the game, possess the patience and have the abilities to teach and relate to all our campers. Our curriculum is fresh and innovative and engages the campers in all the aspects of learning. Their game will grow and they will finish the week with a better understanding of skills and strategies. Our management, organization and planning are second to none and is built on our singular goal of ensuring that every camper will leave a better player than when they arrived.


While our curriculum is solidly founded on player fundamentals, we are acutely aware that a campers development is maximized when the learning process is also FUN. We have worked hard to create and then utilize an array of drills and competitive small games as a teaching tool. The round-robin play and scrimmages offer campers to the opportunity to utilize all they learn in game-like situations.

Away from the fields, we feature additional fun activities such as presentations and discussions, a talent show, and camp bar b-que. We place an emphasis on safety at all times, but also give the campers enough freedom to relax with other campers and grow as individuals. These experiences cannot be matched on any club team, ever.


We have always felt that in addition to good instruction, parents want the experience to be organized and informative. We work tirelessly year in and year out to execute on that. Our electronic confirmation letters, emails prior to, during and after camp, Facebook, and twitter posts, and on site signage are the primary methods we achieve that. We do everything we can to make the camp experience as smooth and successful as possible.


At Millon Lacrosse, we understand the responsibility parents entrust to us when dropping their child(ren) off with us. As parents ourselves, we take this very seriously. We hire full time athletic trainer(s) and in addition to our lacrosse staff, we have a full time Security Director that oversees the campers while they are not on the field. Our coaching staff also stays overnight in the dorms as well as the camp director.