The Brand

Why have we been so successful?

Millon lacrosse has stood out over time because teaching is hard and we take it very seriously. Rolling out the balls and having the kids play games is easy for the camp owner, many of the kids would rather do that. Not here, we have always worked very hard at getting the right coaches who know the game, have the patience and genuinely want to make the campers better. It takes a massive amount of management, organization, and planning and we have always stayed true to our MO, which is that we will do everything possible to ensure that every kid that attends a camp will leave a better player than when he arrived and that he/she will have the tools to continue to progress after they leave campus.


While we work hard at instruction and care about a camper’s development we have also always been aware of the need for balance in a young person’s education so we do everything possible to keep the learning fun. We have always worked hard to make drills fun and play enough games to keep the kids excited. Away from the fields, we emphasize safety but also give the campers enough freedom to chill with other campers and grow as individuals. These experiences cannot be matched on any club team, ever.


We have always felt that in addition to instruction parents want organization and have worked tirelessly year in and year out to execute on that. From our electronic confirmation letters, in camp communication via email, facebook, and twitter, on site signage we do everything we can to make the camp experience as easy and comfortable as possible.


At Millon lacrosse, we understand the responsibility parents entrust dropping off their kids with us and take safety very seriously. We hire full time athletic trainers and in addition to our full lacrosse staff, we have a full time Security director that oversees the campers while they are not on the field.

We work extremely hard to teach to the individual so if a young inexperienced player attends we will focus on the basics and to the more experienced player more complex skill sets.